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Getting You to and Through Retirement

Plummer, Daffin & Associates views retirement as something more than a time in our clients’ lives when they leave their careers. Plummer, Daffin & Associates sees it as a natural migration into a new life stage that presents new opportunities from travel to giving back to community and family in a meaningful way. Achieving financial independence is the key to enjoying retirement and a core aspiration for all clients.

Plummer, Daffin & Associates understands that accumulating wealth is a priority for retirees who are concerned about having sufficient resources in later years. However, it is equally important to understand that a retirement strategy can only be successful if wealth distribution is integrated with both risk management and wealth accumulation and preservation. Plummer, Daffin & Associates specializes in creating retirement plans that emphasize wealth distribution strategies that guides retirees through retirement.

The goal for Plummer, Daffin & Associates is to help clients create income for life, protect their assets, and to have their clients leave a legacy for future generations. Plummer, Daffin & Associates does this by making retirement a lifetime process, using insurance as a foundation to manage key risks, and to create a comprehensive retirement income plan by using investments and annuities.

The Financial Security Pyramid

The Financial Security Pyramid addresses your concerns with a repeatable process for achieving financial security throughout retirement. It provides a balanced approach that adapts to possible changes in your financial situation.

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Good News for Our Clients

In 2018, we expect to again lead the industry in total dividends paid to our clients. Read more.

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Help Pay for Life’s Big and Small Moments

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